Client: Amtel Security Systems Inc Florida

Miami US based Technology Company


Company, a leading supplier of Visitor Management and control Systems for Parking Management to Airports, communities and malls.

The solution involves Control Systems, RFID readers, RFID tags ( active tags with a reading range of 40 feet) Boom Antenna, Turnstile and software to read and manage the multi-entry site with all data recorded at the central server. The systems also had provision for authorising entry for designated time slots.

Need to shift to India

  • Main objective was to do drop shipment from India to Asian and African Countries
  • Secondary  objective was to do integration in India by using Indian Engineers for each project since each installation had to be customised
  • Software changes and revised configuration by Indian Engineers were cost-effective and faster
  • Using Indian Engineers to go to physical sites on African and Asian countries was cost-effective

All the above were targeted to reduce costs.


  • All the development work involving PCB design, Power Supply Design, IP65 grade casings, Boom antenna, and turnstile was done in India and vendors developed
  • Manufacturing and procurement of all components
  • Integration and testing as per customer orders
  • Software configuration and modification
  • Shipment
  • Installation and Support