Just as well. If not for the virus, then for the pollution, Indians will always need masks. So the fact that the growth of mask manufacturers in India is accelerating, makes sense doesn’t it?. And on top of that, the ‘Indian touch’ added to these masks by using regional khadi fabrics and artisanal prints is now slowly attracting foreign businesses into investing in India’s original and aesthetic approach to mask making. 

India’s Production Capacity for Masks: From Deficit to Surplus

  • Back in March, when the country was struggling to meet the domestic demand for masks, India’s immediate response to the crisis resulted in producing not only enough to meet the demand but also for exports (the surplus being around 532.03 million.
  • With the demand fully met, next came competition. Mask manufacturers in India began to up their game by offering masks with a fashion statement. No healthy person wants to look like a patient while buying groceries.
  • This demand for a trendy mask opens doors for foreign investors to showcase their creativity in mask-making to make the best of the pandemic.

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What Goes into Becoming the Best Mask Manufacturers in India?

Currently, the mask manufacturers in India that are gaining the most popularity are the Khadi mask makers. Regulated by the KVIC, Khadi masks are prepared from double twisted khadi fabric, making them:

  1. Affordable
  2. Durable
  3. Washable
  4. Breathable
  5. Reusable
  6. And most importantly, biodegradable

The double twisted fabric retains the moisture inside and allows air to pass through at the same time. Along with that the cotton serves as the mechanical barrier and the silk as the electrostatic one (when tradition meets science huh?).

Indian Masks Gone Global with Government’s Support

  • With the upliftment of the export ban on N95 masks, India is not only hitting foreign markets with its innovative mask making but is also on the way to overtake China and become the largest manufacturer of masks in the world.
  • Also, with the growth of mask manufacturers in India, KVIC is planning to supply khadi face masks to countries namely:
    • Dubai
    • USA
    • Mauritius 
    • and several European and Middle East countries

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So What we’re Trying to Say is…

India’s proactiveness in crisis management, the constant demand for facemasks with or without COVID and the ever present and abundant mask manufacturers in India have the potential to offer the best mask making services to both domestic and foreign investors, making it the ideal destination for your mask making business.